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Charters towers Auto Electricians at the DTS Service Centre ‘One Stop Shop’!

Never too old to teach an old dog new tricks!!

In 2013 Shane made the decision to go back to school (Trade school) to get his auto electrical trade qualifications. So we packed him a little lunch box and gave him a sharpened pencil and told him to play nice with the other children at Trade school.

In reality, it was nothing like that at all, but he felt it was a qualification he had to obtain to stay abreast of all new vehicles and trucks, because the way modern vehicles are going it is no longer a “nice to have” auto electrical certification but a necessity in the industry.

Shane is now a fully qualified Auto Electrician as he was able to RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning) a portion of his new trade.

It also made DTS Service Centre the “one stop shop” for all things mechanical in Charters Towers. We currently employ Diesel Fitters, Motor Mechanics and Auto Electricians, so no need to go to more than one place to keep your car/truck/earthmoving equipment running well.

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