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car air conditioning tune up

In case you haven’t noticed it is starting to warm up.

In order to stay cool this summer, it’s important to get a car air conditioning tune up to ensure it is performing properly.

Here are some tips if your car air conditioning is not working as well as you think it should.

Clean that condenser

clean the car air conditioning condenserYour car’s air conditioning Condenser has an important job: to ‘condense’ the refrigerant in your system from a gaseous state to a liquid state by cooling it.

To achieve this, your system forces the refrigerant through the tubes and fins on the condenser to help dissipate heat. The refrigerant is cooled by air flowing between the fins, either via the air flow from your vehicle moving or thanks to a working cooling fan. But due to its smaller clearances, the fins on the condenser can get clogged by dust and other debris which prevent air from flowing through the device.

Don’t let your cabin air filter block airflow

clean the cabin air filterMost modern vehicles are equipped with a cabin air filter to help keep particulates, dust and pollen out of the air we breathe in the cabin. Unfortunately, our dry weather leads to clogged and dirty Tucson air filters!

Follow your manufacturer’s guidelines for replacement – a clogged cabin air filter makes it harder for your cooling fan to do its job of circulating cool air through the car. You can see from this image what a clogged or dirty cabin air filter might look like.

Let an ARC-Certified technician inspect your system

Although these tips can be helpful, they don’t work for all problems. If your car air con isn’t blowing cold at all, consider getting a FREE quote for a car air conditioning tune up.

Staying cool in summer can be challenging – don’t make it harder than it has to be!

Come in and see us sooner rather than later.

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